UX UI, Art Direction


Create the end to end identity of this high end grill restaurant. Name, backstory, logo, brand style guide/applications and a new website.


“Every age has its own unique tastes. The unpredictability of youth, the patience of age.” This is an important part of the brand’s manifesto that leads up to naming:
Age. Quality through time


A complete online and offline design library of the brand, funded by a strong back story. From the first logo sketches to the last button of the website, and everything in between to support a successful launch: A billboard, multiple menus, matchbox, chocolate box and more.

Main Roles

Co Concept Creation

Sparring Partner of the Creative Director in backstory of the brand guide. Consulting stakeholders on how the concept translates to UX.

UI Lead

Making sure universal visual language is maintained online, end to end. Pushing the envelope, where we combined motion, layout and color in patterns that maximise visual impact and optimise hierarchy, to keep the user focussed and entertained while being educated at all times.

UX Lead

Managing client/stakeholders expectations. Collaborate across board, aligning the the multidisciplinary team, to ensure an optimal user experience. We strived to extend the exclusive experience in the restaurant, to online through beautiful imagery and parallax motion guiding you through the four core pillars.

Art Direction

Delivering high quality crisp images, that continuously spark the imagination of the user. Excite and surprise thru visual rhythm, motion and color pattern combinations.

Logo concept

This is the first concept of the logo. A point symmetrical logo that enables readability on two sides. Which, at first, seemed like a cool idea to have a menu card that had the wines on one side, the dishes on the other. In practice this limited us too much and we let the idea slide.


We decided to create a one page homepage for the launch, where the user is guided along the core pillars of the brands existence, whilst digitally get a taste of what to expect in the restaurant and on his plate.

This project was commissioned by Minibar

Role: UX/UI Lead, Art Director, Co Concept

Rogier Dekker


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