Co-Concept Creation, UX UI, Art Direction


Create an experience for the world’s biggest yacht shows that shows Feadships credo: ‘All yachts are completely custom build and start with a blank sheet of paper.


The Carte Blanche Experience mimics the process between the Feadships Naval Architects and the Future yacht owners. An interactive conversation that discovers the Feadship DNA of individuals, that will lead to the foundation of the design silhouette.  


We created the thinnest x largest functional touch screen (According to LG). An experience that invited fans and prospects to the stand. Kickstarting conversations while potential clients playfully learned the difference between Feadship and their competition. The tool is such a success that it is now being integrated in Feadships design process.

Main Roles

Co Concept Creation

Sparring Partner of the Creative Director in shaping the concept. Consulting stakeholders on how the concept translates to UX.

UI Lead

Making sure Feadships visual language is maintained. Pushing the envelope, where we combined motion, layout and color in patterns that maximise visual impact and optimise hierarchy, to keep the user focussed and entertained while being educated at all times.

UX Lead

Managing client/stakeholders expectations. Collaborate across board, aligning the the multidisciplinary team, to ensure an optimal user experience.

Art Direction

Delivering high quality crisp images, that continuously spark the imagination of the user. Excite and surprise thru visual rhythm and color patterns combinations. Alignment with AV and 3d to create optimal, uniform, end to end journey.

UX Design

Most often i am asked to design for desktop mobile or tablet, where more available knowledge and previous research comes in place. For the Carte Blanche Experience the user is standing in a crowded area on a yacht show; people watching over their shoulders, where the interaction takes place on a 55″ screen. So what is the golden area of the screen real estate where it’s comfortable to ‘work’ and watch physically, but also thru the lens of privacy? How long is a user prepared to interact without losing interest? How can we optimise the flow of screens, interactions, and entertainment to reduce the sense of it taking too long. All question the team and I investigated during the UX phase of the project.

Prototyping & Testing

We had multiple iterations and testing rounds a small audiences in an early stage on ‘touch devices’. Validating if the interaction was logical and understood. And figuring out what took place inside the mind of the user. When the 55″ screens were ready we could optimise the most convenient screen real estate for users to ‘work’ in.

This project was commissioned by Minibar

Role: UX/UI Lead, Art Director, Co Concept

Rogier Dekker

Lead developer
Kreshnik Hasanaj

Sound design
Marcus Gehring

Vava Stojadinovic

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